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Chris & Becca Wedding Photography – A Memory to Last Forever

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Wedding photographers are more than just people who take pics of couples on their wedding day, they’re also artists who are capable of capturing the emotions of a newlywed couple that show their love for each other, as well as making each photo a treasure to cherish. But there’s a lot of wedding photographers NYC to choose from out there, and if you’re a young couple who’s looking for the right photography team to capture every single moments before and during your wedding, then you’ll be having a bit of a rough time especially in New York City.

The Best Wedding Photographer in Town

If you’re looking for creative wedding photographers NYC that can put together animation and reality in one, then you’re in luck with the husband and wife team of Chris and Becca who can truly make a perfect shot. They are expert not just in terms of camerawork and quality, but also understand the feelings that a couple has for each other. They know which moment to capture that immortalizes these events, not just during the ceremony itself, but even before and after the ceremony.

Traveling to Capture Special Moments

Chris and Becca are taking the wedding photography scene by storm due to not just their photography expertise or the venues they’ve covered, but mainly the dynamics the two have for each other, which makes them the ideal photographers for weddings. Their love for photography and travel has made them the best destination wedding photographers.

They began in their home state in Connecticut, but have since expanded to other states and cities like New York, California, San Francisco, Austin and Orlando. They have also traveled to other countries like France and Germany.

Every Single Photo is a Story to Tell

Their photos speak for themselves. You can definitely see the amount of love and energy between the newlyweds. And not just that, their photos and camerawork are definitely of high-quality, the kind you see done by professional photographers for celebrities.They are more than just a wedding vendor. They can help you with the planning all through out the event and will capture every moment of it.

So should you definitely hire them to photograph your wedding? Well, of course, you should! These two lovely individuals definitely know the weddings transforming a fairy tale into a real love story. They will make the perfect duo to capture that moment shot by shot!


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Using Photos and Videos to Re-Create Your Pet

Losing a beloved pet is a devastating thing to experience. And even after they have long passed, the only memory they leave behind are the good ones, as well as a sort of object to tie that memory to, usually a photo.

Fortunately, there are more ways to memorialize your pet besides just a photo or another object. If you’re familiar with custom stuffed animals, then you’ll be happy to know that even your dearly departed pet can be immortalized in form of a stuffed animal, to be passed onto the next generation.

What’s the best?

There’s a lot of custom stuffed animal makers out there that create custom stuffed toys that are based on a photo or a video of a pet, but you’ll find that is the go-to place to get Cuddle Clones to turn that old photo into a stuffed animal!

What’s it made out of?

Made from the best quality fabrics around, their creations are not only soft to the touch, but are also durable enough that they can last for generations.

custom stuffed animals

How does it work?

How it works is that they will request a picture of a video from you. They will then use that as a reference to create the custom stuffed animals and replicate the details as much as they can. The better the photo or video, the better the details they can replicate.

What else can they do?

In addition to pets, Cuddle Clones became one of the most popular choices online for even fictional animals, as it also gives animators and artists the opportunity to make plushies out of their own creations. For example, you use a picture of an original character of let’s say a wolf, or a lion, or another original animal character, another artist or animator you know have made, then they will turn that into a custom stuffed animal!

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