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There’s a lot of websites out there that are full of great tips on how to play guitar.  Budding little guitar players are always looking for how to play this song, or how to play that riff so they can shred on their guitar and impress their friends.  And on the internet, there’s so many instructional articles, videos and websites, sometimes it’s a bit hard to find something that’s unique and gives a new perspective.  Well over at Chord Progressions – How To Learn guitar blog, the guy talks about first starting with your heart before you head and we find that a very unique idea to start teaching someone to play.

He basically says if you want to learn guitar, start with one song make sure that it meets these two criteria.  #1.  You must LOVE the song so much that you know if off by heart and you can sing every word, and better you could hum all the guitar parts just out of memory.  #2  Make it a simple song that has either a 3 or 4 chord progression for both the chorus and verse.  But don’t worry if you don’t know what a chord progression is because he explains it to you.

You want a song that you love because when you start to play it on the guitar, you are sub-consciously anchored to the tune in your head.  If you hit a wrong note you will know it.  If you play it right, you will know it and that’s how you will start to learn the chords.  Just by learning 4 chords, in a song, you’ll start to learn how to switch between chords, how to play them and even possibly the beginnings of how to write a song!  his blog even has a great article on how to read a chord diagram, which for beginners is a must have tool!

Make sure to visit that blog as the advice given  on learning to play is as unique and from the heart as it gets!

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