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Explaining Your Business With Animation

With technology advances today the consumer is more visual in their searches for a product or service. Real Estate Agencies have virtual tours for the potential home buyer, and not so much for the sale as the traffic drawn to the website. The traffic that visits online businesses is crucial for optimal sales and revenue. Whether your business is large or small, getting traffic to your website is the biggest task you will ever undergo. And like the virtual tours of colleges, and real estate agencies, businesses with animated and SEO reach more traffic. is the website of an SEO Edmonton company that does exactly that.

They are among the top ten SEO companies in Edmonton, Alberta and they achieved that standing by knowing what a business needs and what to do for the traffic to come. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is very important to web traffic to place higher in the ranking of search engines. This may seem like Greek to some, and others may understand enough to know what it means to their business, but the actual benefit of having a professional SEO Edmonton company create a video analysis would pay off in much higher dividends.

Ranking in the search engines is based on relevance and without the ultimate SEO and a video explaining your business your company may be placed on the last page of the search. But Position One Marketing use videos to promote your business needs and move you right up in the rankings, where the traffic is. Most people searching do not usually go past the first or second page of their search. And you want your business on those pages.

There are many explainer videos that teach beginners everything from building the website to marketing, and they are available everywhere. Videos are a learning tool, and information roadmap, we use them to gain knowledge and direction. So what better way to learn what your business needs and inform your customer what your business is about than in a video? Animated videos are usually one minute in length since attention spans match that time frame. And they can be expensive, but they need to be effective. SEO Edmonton’s Position One Marketing is a company that knows about online presence and can assist you in your dream business being a success by assuring your video is effective.

If you consider commercials on TV and think about the products or services they advertise to millions of people. The cost was $342,000 for 30 seconds in 2008. Just 30 seconds of effective advertising reached millions of potential customers, generating billions in revenue. The companies that did not use this tool did not realize the potential increase for their business. So if the cost of a video for your business to bring the traffic was $2500 but generated a 3% increase in sales yearly the benefit would be immeasurable.

Position One Marketing is here to make your business rank higher in the search engines, and bring traffic to you with the professional knowledge needed to explain your business needs with animation.

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The Best Vancouver Renovations Company: Reno King!

Use TheRenoKing Renovation Company for quality results!

The Reno King is a vancouver renovations company located in West Vancouver, British Columbia with an A Rating on The Better Business Bureau

reno-king-kitchen_renovationFinding the right company to renovate your home or to give your home the look that you have always wanted is not easy. This is because there are several renovation companies in the market that undertake this job and that give different results. There are those that do the work as it supposed to be done and give quality results and there are those that do a shoddy work and give no results at all. Therefore, you ought to be careful when looking for a renovation company to hire. One of the best renovation companies in the market that you need to hire to renovate your house is the RenoKing renovation company.

This company has the required experience in the industry and does the work for you the way its meant to be done. Its employees are skilled and knowledgeable. They have the skills and knowledge required in undertaking the different renovation duties. They also have other added skills that make their end results attractive and of high quality. For instance, some of them are good designers and innovators. This helps them to innovate better styles and designs to use in renovating a house for proper results.

Excellent support system
RenoKing has a good and dedicated support system. Its support system is available and alert at all times of the day to respond to clients’ queries or to provide assistance to clients. This means that their support contact numbers are open at all times of the day and night. This makes it easy for clients to communicate with the company in case of any problem. Therefore, if you are looking for a renovation company with the best support system or with people who can respond to your queries at any time of the day, then this is the right company for you.

Speedy and high quality services.
The quality of services provided by this company are of high standards. The services are also provided within the shortest time possible. This means that if you hire the company today to renovate your home or any of your belongings then be sure that the work will be done within the shortest time possible. This saves on a lot.

Affordable services
RenoKing’s renovation services are affordable considering the quality of services they deliver. There are several other renovation companies out there that offer low quality and incomparable services to RenoKing but that charge highly. This company’s services are affordable to make them available to many people as most people shy away from renovating their homes because of the high costs.

The company is flexible. This means that it does renovations for different households or things and not just one thing. For instance, they renovate kitchens, bathrooms, new homes and do many other general repairs. This is the best company for a person who wants to do different types of renovations in his home.

There are many more reasons why I recommend this company to any individual out there who is looking for a renovation company to hire. To learn more of these reasons, visit their website online and get all the information that you require.

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