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Using Animation To Boost Real Estate Sales

Animation and real estate have become synonymous. There are three types of listings, those with no images, those with 2D images and those with 3D animated virtual tours; which one of these would you be most interested in viewing? The ones with the virtual tours of course!

viewing_3d_model_of_home_via_ipadWhen one is serious about making an investment in real estate, price often is a considerable factor. However, before booking a viewing a home or appointment with an agent, one must first to find something that draws them in emotionally. Finding a property is largely related to how you feel emotionally about a certain space. And naturally, the 3D animated virtual tours tend to pull at our heart’s strings because we get to connect with the property on an emotional level even before we go and physically view it. That means you are more likely to buy property based on your 3D online research that turns up real estate virtual tour Edmonton.

3D virtual tours boost sales more than 2D images. The virtual tours give a realistic feel to viewing property online. They help you visualize where you would like to place your furniture, as well as which color drapes, could go in each room. They also give you a mental picture of where to place your baby’s room if you have one, or your home office, or your personal gym. They also allow you to decide whether the property is child-friendly or not. In the event that you live at a distance or are not able to physically be there to view the property, the results of the online real estate virtual tour Edmonton search will certainly assist you in making the best choice whilst you are at a remote location. You can walk through the front doors of the property, and begin to tour each room as though you were there in person. Except you get to view each property from the comfort of your home, without bothering about the hassles of appointments and viewing of several properties that sometimes turn out to be a huge waste of time.

Most buyers, regardless of distance, prefer viewing the property in person, the 3D virtual tours help you to shortlist the ones that connected with you emotionally. That means instead of physically going to view ten properties to make an informed decision, you may only have to view three!  You simply sat behind a computer, and searched for real estate virtual tour Edmonton, and found the best three properties out of ten, by merely walking through them in the comfort of your own home.  Alberta’s 3D Virtual ninjas, 3D Scan Experts, will continue to use 3D modeling to boost sales of both local property managers, buyers and agents!

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Innovative Promotion Made Easy and Fun By This Company

Advertising online can often be a complicated process. Luckily, there are several ways companies can advertise online and capture their target audience easily. A popular method of advertising online is using animation to promote a product. A great example of this type of promotion is the advertising used on the website Using youtube videos, social media such as facebook, and website security tools such as, they allow the customer to be engaged in what the company is advertising while also reinforcing the message that the company is trustworthy when it claims that it sells the best laminate floor cleaner.

When the casual observer visits the website, several advertisingcompany_website_youtube_videos techniques are visible at first glance. A youtube video displaying the product available for sale is very easy to spot on the landing page of the website. A demonstration of the products offered and supporting information on why this product is the best laminate floor cleaner are all prominently featured in the video. This technique is great at pulling in customers for several reasons. The customer is able to see a visual representation of what they are buying before spending money. This is invaluable in reassuring people that the product they are reading about is legitimate and worth paying. The graphics and animation used in the video also reinforce the brand loyalty and draw the customer in.

LamanatorPlus also has designed their website in such a way that customers will easily identify the fact that this is a reliable and trustworthy company. The website prominently displays graphics for websites such as PayPal and These icons and graphics show the customer that this website is interested in customer security and that they protect customer information. Allowing the viewer to identity the association between this website and these consumer protection agencies effectively shows that this is a reliable and secure website. A website selling the best laminate floor cleaner is great, but showing the consumer that the website and company itself are reliable and interested in protecting the customers personal information is invaluable.

Browsing LamanatorPlus’ website reveals another great advertising tool used by the company. Social media is heavily used on the website to allow the potential customer looking for the best laminate floor cleaner to do further research and read unbiased customer reviews on websites such as Google Plus and Twitter. Linking a website to social medial pages for the company allows customers to do further research and verify that the product they’re looking to purchase truly is the best value for their money. Linking customers to social media pages also allows people to follow updates and feel connected to a company they already support. New and returning customers alike know that when a company asserting that it provides the best laminate floor cleaner has a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and other accounts full of personal product reviews by actual customers is truly a trustworthy company.


When advertising online, there are many techniques available. Although utilizing methods such as pop up ads may increase clicks and traffic to a website, websites such as show that companies can truly advertise their product while still maintaining viewer interest. From engaging on social media to featuring videos to allowing customers to see a product firsthand, attracting internet users to a site with advertising certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

And this is exactly why LamanatorPlus receives our award for most innovative product promotion ideas.

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Glass Protectors Take The Award Over Plastic Protectors


Your screen may get scratched by sand in your pocket or crack if you accidentally drop your phone. It is due to such reasons the popularity of screen protectors has grown in the recent past. We have been used to plastic screen protectors, but today there is a cutting edge product called tempered glass screen protector. Each option has its pros and cons. However, I would like to explain to you Why glass protectors better than plastic protectors.

Glass screen protectors are tougher than plastic protectors at the same cost. This renders tempered glass protectors sturdier. Plastic protectors are easily scratched especially cheap models, unlike their glass counterparts. Glass protectors range between 0.3mm and 0.5mm in thickness where else plastic are only 0.1 mm.

Most smartphones are fitted with scratch-resistant screen or Gorilla Glass. Adding plastic protector to such phones brings a big difference especially on how you feel when using the phone in terms of how smooth your figure slides on the screen. However, installing tempered glass protector for your screen feels more or same like the original screen. Visibility in sunlight is another reason glass protectors are an excellent choice. They give better visibility compared to a plastic one or even not having a protector at all.

Another issue that depicts a tempered glass screen protector superior to a plastic protector is the ease of tempered glass screen protectorinstallation. Plastic screen protectors have a difficult installation procedure. Although there are various types of tempered glass protectors (bezel-adhesive or full-adhesive), they are much easier to install more so if you are using a high-quality product.

Glass screen protectors add some aesthetic value to your device. This is because glass screen protectors will tend to be slightly raised from the sides finish. Their thickness makes them bulge out slightly larger than plastic protectors. This is more noticeable for devices like HTC One and iPhone 5. For phones like iPhone, the home button is recessed more than you are probably used to. Though 0.5mm may appear to be a small increment, but you obviously feel the difference.

To get the best out of your tempered glass screen protector, it would be wise to go for slightly expensive options. You can find some great reviews at And no matter what screen protector you choose to install for your phone, make sure to buy a screen protector designed for your device. Though there may seem to be no difference initially, the protector will become loose or fit in a way that is uncomfortable to use, and you end up regretting your choice.

Here’s a great video about why you will never go back to a plastic screen protector again.

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