Innovative Promotion Made Easy and Fun By This Company

Advertising online can often be a complicated process. Luckily, there are several ways companies can advertise online and capture their target audience easily. A popular method of advertising online is using animation to promote a product. A great example of this type of promotion is the advertising used on the website Using youtube videos, social media such as facebook, and website security tools such as, they allow the customer to be engaged in what the company is advertising while also reinforcing the message that the company is trustworthy when it claims that it sells the best laminate floor cleaner.

When the casual observer visits the website, several advertisingcompany_website_youtube_videos techniques are visible at first glance. A youtube video displaying the product available for sale is very easy to spot on the landing page of the website. A demonstration of the products offered and supporting information on why this product is the best laminate floor cleaner are all prominently featured in the video. This technique is great at pulling in customers for several reasons. The customer is able to see a visual representation of what they are buying before spending money. This is invaluable in reassuring people that the product they are reading about is legitimate and worth paying. The graphics and animation used in the video also reinforce the brand loyalty and draw the customer in.

LamanatorPlus also has designed their website in such a way that customers will easily identify the fact that this is a reliable and trustworthy company. The website prominently displays graphics for websites such as PayPal and These icons and graphics show the customer that this website is interested in customer security and that they protect customer information. Allowing the viewer to identity the association between this website and these consumer protection agencies effectively shows that this is a reliable and secure website. A website selling the best laminate floor cleaner is great, but showing the consumer that the website and company itself are reliable and interested in protecting the customers personal information is invaluable.

Browsing LamanatorPlus’ website reveals another great advertising tool used by the company. Social media is heavily used on the website to allow the potential customer looking for the best laminate floor cleaner to do further research and read unbiased customer reviews on websites such as Google Plus and Twitter. Linking a website to social medial pages for the company allows customers to do further research and verify that the product they’re looking to purchase truly is the best value for their money. Linking customers to social media pages also allows people to follow updates and feel connected to a company they already support. New and returning customers alike know that when a company asserting that it provides the best laminate floor cleaner has a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and other accounts full of personal product reviews by actual customers is truly a trustworthy company.


When advertising online, there are many techniques available. Although utilizing methods such as pop up ads may increase clicks and traffic to a website, websites such as show that companies can truly advertise their product while still maintaining viewer interest. From engaging on social media to featuring videos to allowing customers to see a product firsthand, attracting internet users to a site with advertising certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

And this is exactly why LamanatorPlus receives our award for most innovative product promotion ideas.

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